Cheatin Hearts Duo

Thank you for taking the time to read this little help file on how to download and play the tunes you are about to download.

1) Go to the Audio page and choose the song you want.
2) Preview the song by pressing the play button.
3) Press the "Buy Now" button and it will take you to the paypal site.
4) On the paypal site enter your paypal username and password and click the Buy Now Button.
5) When purchased the paypal site will take you to the purchase page.
6) On the purchase page you will see the title of the song and a link to download that song.

6A) if your using a Pc or Mac then left click the link to download the file.
6B) If your using a Android device Press and hold the link until a dialog box shows.

6C) Now Press Open and that file should start downloading to your androids downloads folder.

7) On the pc or mac locate the file and Right Mouse Click and extract the .Zip file.
8) The file will then unzip and you will be presented with the song file.
9) Play the file in your media player or Music Application.
10) On the android device locate the file in downloads press and hold and in the sub menu extract and then as before open your music app and play.

Hope this helps , if you have any difficulties please use the contact page to ask for help and i will contact you to help.

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